Micad4 Property Management Software


Micad4 sets a new standard in SaaS property management software.

Fast and with a modern, easy to use interface, the system can be used on a range of browsers and hardware devices putting your key estate information literally in the palm of your hand.



So simple, you already know how to use it

Micad4 Estate Management

Would you like to know why this product will be leading the pack?

Simple: Micad4 is faster, easier to use and is a flexible SaaS solution. Micad4 uses a dashboard interface that enables you to customise the key data metrics you wish to observe. In addition to this, the system can be configured so that depending on your permissions it will present only the relevant modules and buildings which provides a truly user specific experience all round.

So, whether you’re a Space Manager, Asbestos Manager or the Director of Estates, you get the user experience and information presented in a format that works for you.

If that’s not enough you can use it on the majority of tablets and desktops for complete ease of use.

Micad4 is available now to those that that need to manage: Space, CAD plans, Documents and Compliance – all other IPR 3.5 modules are currently under development and will be available soon.

quick and easy does it: now you can USE YOUR TABLET TO ADD DATA VIA THE CAD PLAN

Micad4 has a wealth of other new innovative time and cost saving functions. Here are just a few other benefits…

All new simple to use homogenous user interface

Full dashboard reporting on a range of datasets

Mapping navigation interface

Improved security & flexible access permissions

Simple document upload – no more FTP

Compatible with most tablet devices – use it on the move

Alerts and notifications built into the application

Better and faster reporting capabilities



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