Asbestos Software

Welcome to the most comprehensive asbestos management solution. Over half a million asbestos items are managed in Micad for over 60,000 buildings.

It’s only for those serious about asbestos management.

Understand your data compliance with CAR 2012 instantly

asbestos software

Would you like to know why our asbestos software stands out?

Tried, tested and trusted by some of most respected clients and consultancies in the marketplace, we believe our asbestos software to be the very best available. In fact over 80% of Micad’s clients use the Asbestos Management Module for managing their asbestos risks. What does that tell you?

Note that asbestos is a location based risk. The Asbestos Management Module utilises the IPR accurate space database to ensure that all Asbestos records have the correct location information allowing users to create risk graphical reports on CAD plans. The asbestos software is also a dedicated Information Portal for 3rd party contractor access and an App for surveying and updating data.

why is our asbestos software so good?

Dashboard interface showing data compliance levels

Reduces financial and operational risks

Reduces long term asbestos management costs

Promotes higher levels of compliance

Benchmarks surveyors/consultants performance

Standard and bespoke reporting of data sets

Dedicated Apple App

3rd party ready only portal

Full client ownership of data

asbestos software

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