GLN Webinar for NHS trusts – GS1 UK

GLNs and effective place management for NHS trusts

GS1 logoWe’re delighted to be delivering this webinar alongside our partner GS1 UK.

This interactive webinar is provided to support the Department of Health and Social Care requirement for all trusts and their suppliers to implement a consistent method of managing location information. Specifically, it will provide guidance on the standards required, including how to allocate Global Location Numbers (GLN) and which barcodes to use.

Who should attend?

  • Champions for GS1 and PEPPOL adoption
  • Scan4Safety programme leads and supporting teams
  • Estates professionals
  • Procurement and supply chain professionals

Learning outcomes

  • An overview of why and how Trusts should be using standards for location identification
  • An understanding of GLNs, including creation, allocation and sharing
  • Industry insight on location numbering


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