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Asbestos Module
Welcome to the most powerful asbestos management tool on the market. Reduce cost and understand your level of CAR2006 compliance instantly.

Asbestos Management Software

For Clients and Consultants that want to demonstrate first class Asbestos Management

The Micad Asbestos Management Module is truly the industry leading asbestos management tool. This client focussed product is utilised by a range of organisations from both moderate property portfolios to those with a responsibility for managing over 2000 buildings nationwide. Clients that are benefiting from using the Micad asbestos module include:

  • Telereal Trillium
  • Universities 
  • Local Authorities
  • NHS Trusts
  • Housing Trusts
  • Consultancies
  • Private Sector Clients

Tried, tested and trusted by some of most respected clients and consultancies in the marketplace, we believe our system to be the very best available. Don't just take our word for it...

Cambridge City Council Case Study

“We chose Micad for the flexibility and partnering approach to providing software that worked for our business needs. Working with Micad to develop new tools has enable us to achieve a more focussed and robust management solution that provides greater visibility of statutory compliance with CAR2012. Having worked with other systems historically and reviewed the market, the Micad asbestos management module was the right choice”.

Chris Moore, National Technical Compliance Manager                                                                                                       Telereal Trillium                                                                                       

"The Micad Asbestos Module is our first choice for clients requiring an asbestos management database that links in with CAD and space management data.  This is by virtue of its easily accessible and useable web based interface, the secure platform in which it operates and the strong customer care that Micad as a business are able to offer."

Kieran Moon, Commercial Director                                                                                                            Redhills - Asbestos Consultants

The Asbestos Module utilises the IPR space database to ensure that all Asbestos records have the correct location information. HSG264 and HSG227 compliant, it scores all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) for both material and priority assessments. This sophisticated application provides a traffic light schedule to illustrate which spaces have been surveyed whilst displaying the risk level by colour. It utilises the IPR drawing and database capabilities to display risks on floor plans by colour and enabling managers to ‘drill down' from the drawing to the current inspection.




Most importantly the ‘Birds Eye View’ of your Asbestos data delivers a set of 'building' compliancy statistics that track surveyor performance on a daily basis and clearly indicates the level of compliance your estate has with the Control of Asbestos Regulations CAR2012. 

The benefits are clear...

  • Complete compliance visibility via “bird’s eye view” daily report
  • Links directly to CAD and graphically displayed risk ratings
  • Re-inspection mass update tool
  • Risk assessment criteria in accordance with HSG227 & HSG264
  • Micad Lite option for dissemination of information to third parties
  • A home for policies, management plans and removal documents
  • Prioritisation action reports based on risk 
  • Intuitive, highly navigable - the complete management tool
  • Independent from consultants and contractors 
  • Links with all other Micad property management modules
  • Future proof system configuration
  • Professional back up and disaster recovery
  • Manual or mobile upload of data
  • An in-built automated QA function
  • Fully supported by experienced IT professionals
  • Multi-user access = no limitations
  • Entirely web-based

The positive impact of Micad’s Asbestos Module...

  • Reduces financial and operational risks
  • Reduces long term asbestos management costs
  • Promotes higher levels of compliance
  • Benchmarks surveyors/consultants performance
  • Standard and bespoke reporting of data sets
  • Allows easy access to 3rd parties for in-putting data and viewing
  • Full client ownership of data 


The Micad Asbestos Portal (MAP) delivers asbestos register information to those that need it most, staff and contractors. It can also distribute AutoCAD plans indicating asbestos risks on a space by space basis. Crucially a user activity log enabling clients to see who has checked the register. This product is SSL encrypted and can be accessed from any mobile device with Internet Explorer such as a smart phone or a tablet PC.